From Blackpool to Benidorm

From Blackpool to Benidorm




“The 60s was the decade when postwar Britain threw off its drab overcoat, donned its polka-dot bikini and went on holiday,” says Ruth Madoc. And who better than the former Hi-de-Hi! star to lead us through this nostalgia-fest of Polaroid snaps and garish cine film of Brits on their hols. We see folk flooding to Blackpool’s Golden Mile, the glories and horrors of Butlin’s holiday camp at its peak, and the advent of package holidays that transformed a fishing village, Benidorm, and swamped it with egg and chips.


Ruth Madoc, who starred as Gladys Pugh in the holiday camp sitcom Hi-De-Hi, traces the birth of the 1960s holidaymaking craze, from seaside resorts such as Blackpool to facilities like Butlins and early foreign package holidays.

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Presenter Ruth Madoc