Man of the Moment

Series 1 - Episode 4 Man of the Moment



Laura organises a meal so that her and Jamie's parents can meet. However, a discussion about the baby results in a row between the expectant mother and father, while Alan's efforts to bond with a tipsy Sandra infuriate his wife. Elsewhere, Mike faces a sexual dilemma while accompanying Beth on a double date. Comedy, starring Scarlett Alice Johnson and Sean Michael Verey.

Cast & Crew

Jamie Prince Sean Michael Verey
Laura Derbyshire Scarlett Alice Johnson
Mike Fenton Dylan Edwards
Beth Mitchell Yasmin Paige
Keith Prince Ben Crompton
Sandra Prince Bronagh Gallagher
Alan Derbyshire Angus Deayton
Janet Derbyshire Anna Chancellor
Graham Stewart Cairns
Mitchell Jack Farthing
Carrie Ann Emma Rigby
Aaron Cameron Slater
Gobs***e James Allenby-Kirk
Antenatal instructor Dolly Wells
Paramedic Katie Males
Director Dan Zeff
Producer Lucy Robinson
Writer Chris Reddy
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