Searching for Shakespeare's House: A Time Team Special

Searching for Shakespeare's House: A Time Team Special



“A right old archaeological muddle,” huffs Tony Robinson as experts delve into the foundations of New Place, Shakespeare’s grand Stratford-upon-Avon home. The trouble is, the remains prove as patchy and elusive as the great man’s life story. And just when the trowels hit something interesting they have to pull back lest they damage a mulberry tree. Luckily the presence of Germaine Greer adds a touch of class and Phil Harding (the Worzel Gummidge one) gets merry on Tudor-style beer.


Tony Robinson and the team dig at the site of New Place, the home of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon. The archaeologists hope to reveal that the house was once one of the largest in the area, with 20 rooms and a dozen servants, and explain why the Bard wanted such a grand place, and where he got the money to pay for it.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Tony Robinson
Director Ian Jones
Executive Producer Philip Clarke
Producer Ian Jones
Series Editor Jobim Sampson
Documentary Education History