Series 8 - Episode 13 If/Then



Keep a show on the air long enough and they’ll do an alternative-reality “what if?” episode. Friends did one, so did Dallas and now Grey’s imagines how life would have panned out for its characters had Ellis Grey not developed Alzheimer’s.

The repercussions range from the notable (Bailey is meek and subservient) to the risible (Karev is a geek and Meredith wears prissy pink cardigans). As a concept, it’s certainly not as ill-judged as last season’s musical instalment and there are even some moments of decent humour: Derek, for instance, is known by staff as “McDreary” rather than “McDreamy”. But, by the end, you’ll be feeling relieved that normal service is set to be resumed at Seattle-Grace in the next episode.


Meredith imagines how her life might have been if her mother had not died, she had never met Derek and her colleagues made different choices. Callie and Owen are married with children, Derek is seemingly unhappy in his marriage to a pregnant Addison, while Bailey is a pushover as a surgeon. Meredith's love life has also taken an unlikely path - and nobody likes Cristina.

Cast & Crew

Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo
Derek Shepherd Patrick Dempsey
Cristina Yang Sandra Oh
Richard Webber James Pickens Jr
Miranda Bailey Chandra Wilson
Mark Sloan Eric Dane
Alex Karev Justin Chambers
Lexie Grey Chyler Leigh
Callie Torres Sara Ramirez
Owen Hunt Kevin McKidd
Arizona Robbins Jessica Capshaw
April Kepner Sarah Drew
Addison Montgomery-Shepherd Kate Walsh
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