Hell Bound

Series 5 - Episode 4 Hell Bound



Spike recovers from an encounter with a series of gruesome invisible ghosts, only to come face to face with the spectral being who has been trying to drag him into Hell.

Cast & Crew

Angel David Boreanaz
Charles Gunn J August Richards
Lorne Andy Hallett
Spike James Marsters
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Alexis Denisof
Winifred `Fred' Burkle Amy Acker
Eve Sarah Thompson
Pavayne Simon Templeman
Glass woman Willow Geer
Bloody lawyer Judson Pearce Morgan
Hanging man Elliott Grey
Armless woman Allison Barcott
Lawyer Peter Kanetis
Psychic Dorie Barton
Director Steven S DeKnight
Writer Steven S DeKnight
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