You're Welcome

Series 5 - Episode 12 You're Welcome



Cordelia wakes from her coma and is ordered by the Powers That Be to get Angel back on the right path. Meanwhile, the villainous Lindsay makes a return, determined to kill the angst-ridden vampire. Supernatural drama, starring David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter and Christian Kane.

Cast & Crew

Angel David Boreanaz
Winifred `Fred' Burkle Amy Acker
Spike James Marsters
Lorne Andy Hallett
Charles Gunn J August Richards
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Alexis Denisof
Holland Manners Sam Anderson
Lindsey McDonald Christian Kane
Harmony Kendall Mercedes McNab
Cordelia Chase Charisma Carpenter
Izzy Mark Colson
Lawyer TJ Thyne
Demon slave Ryan Alvarez
Director David Fury
Writer David Fury
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