Harm's Way

Series 5 - Episode 9 Harm's Way



Harmony wakes up with a body in her bed and no memory of how he got there. While initially concerned that the air-headed vampire has reverted to her old ways, the gang discovers the victim was a demon rights activist negotiating between two warring clans, and his death has caused trouble in the underworld.

Cast & Crew

Angel David Boreanaz
Spike James Marsters
Lorne Andy Hallett
Charles Gunn J August Richards
Winifred `Fred' Burkle Amy Acker
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Alexis Denisof
Harmony Kendall Mercedes McNab
Eli Brendan Hines
Rudy Christopher Gehrman
Danny David Gangler
Brittany Jennifer Haworth
Charlotte Stacy Reed
Tamika Danielle Nicolet
Hot guy Bryce Mouer
Vinji leader Olga Vilner
Sahrvin leader Nick Jaine
Director Vern Gillum
Writer Sarah Fain
Writer Elizabeth Craft
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