Tracy Beaker Returns

Summer Holiday

Series 3 - Episode 9 Summer Holiday



The Dumping Ground summer break is brought to an end when Tee accidentally lets sheep into the farmhouse, and she must try to get the holiday back before Lily and Carmen run away on their own adventure.

Cast & Crew

Tracy Beaker Dani Harmer
Mike Connor Byrne
Gina Kay Purcell
Tyler Miles Butler-Hughton
Carmen Amy-Leigh Hickman
Gus Noah Marullo
Tee Mia McKenna-Bruce
Johnny Joe Maw
Rick Daniel Pearson
Elektra Jessica Revell
Harry Philip Graham Scott
Frank Chris Slater
Lily Jessie Williams
Farmer Jack McBride
Bus conductor Dominic Doughty
Landowner Sarah Thurstan
Director Michael Davies
Executive Producer Josephine Ward
Producer Gina Cronk
Writer Jonathan Evans
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