Edinburgh - In Scotland

Series 1 - Episode 3 Edinburgh - In Scotland



Laura is no closer to a decision on whether to have the baby, but heads to university in Edinburgh. However, a furious Jamie sets off in pursuit when he discovers she has gone without telling him. Meanwhile, Beth realises if she wants any chance of getting together with the expectant father, she must make her move now. Comedy, starring Scarlett Alice Johnson and Sean Michael Verey.

Cast & Crew

Jamie Prince Sean Michael Verey
Laura Derbyshire Scarlett Alice Johnson
Mike Fenton Dylan Edwards
Beth Mitchell Yasmin Paige
Keith Prince Ben Crompton
Sandra Prince Bronagh Gallagher
Alan Derbyshire Angus Deayton
Janet Derbyshire Anna Chancellor
Danielle Reeves Emer Kenny
Glynn Jonathan Bailey
Kelly Angela Hardie
Dr Scarre Jason Hetherington
Hotel receptionist Henry Miller
Director Dan Zeff
Producer Lucy Robinson
Writer Chris Reddy
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