Make Bradford British

Make Bradford British

Series 1 - Episode 2



The second part of this social experiment into what makes a person British pairs up the eight residents of Bradford in West Yorkshire and gets them to spend time in each other’s homes.

A simple premise, a bit like Wife Swap maybe, but actually a number of them do start to reconsider their attitudes. The most remarkable and heart-warming turnaround involves Damon, who likes to drink and admits he’s gone a bit “mad” in the past – so it’s a shock to his system to be teamed up with the ultra-strict Muslim Rashid.

However, Desmond, Audrey and Sabbiyah also learn a lot from their counterparts. They all return to the community house for a last chat – all of them bar one, that is.


The sociological experiment concludes with the participants being paired up to learn about each other's backgrounds. A black man shows a retired policeman the estate where he once suffered a racially motivated attack, and a landlady invites a Muslim woman to work in a pub where the locals challenge her over her traditional attire. A welder comes away with a changed view of Islam after visiting one of the city's 80 mosques, while a self-confessed feminist invites taxi driver Mohammed to a classic British dinner party and questions him about his cultural views on women.