Natural World: Grizzlies of Alaska

Natural World: Grizzlies of Alaska

Series 30



Dashing ecologist Chris Morgan, so handsome he could play a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, loves grizzly bears. And they are irresistible, particularly bear cubs who romp and play-fight in the vast wilderness of Alaska. Morgan and film-maker Joe Pontecorvo follow groups of grizzlies for months as they mate, brawl and catch salmon.

There’s lovely, dreamy footage of bears, who look like massive, moving sofas, as they lollop across the empty landscape. The males are twice as big as the females and it’s these giants who win the fight to breed. But of course, it’s the cuteness of the cubs that lingers; just try to forget that when fully grown they can wipe out a human in an instant.


Ecologist Chris Morgan follows the daily struggle of a grizzly bear as she rears her two cubs in Alaska and teaches them to hunt as well as survive the harsh conditions of winter. She must also keep them safe from prowling males in a region where violent encounters between the animals are frequent.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Chris Morgan
Executive Producer Chris Cole
Producer Bill Murphy
Producer Joe Pontecorvo
Series Editor Steve Greenwood