Nazi Titanic: Revealed

Episode 1 Nazi Titanic: Revealed



A story that weaves together the Titanic with the Nazis – both staples of the history channels – might sound a stretch, but this turns out to be extraordinary.

In 1940 Hitler’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, commissioned a big-budget movie to tell the story of the Titanic as a fable of corruption and greed in the British ruling class. The production ran into trouble and the director ended up hanged in a Gestapo cell, but the clips here are fascinating and the director’s home movies very poignant: we see him larking about with the friend who later informed on him. And there are even darker historical ironies in a very shocking coda.


The historical documentary strand returns with the story of the 1943 Nazi propaganda movie Titanic, which retold the infamous disaster with the British as cowardly profiteers and the German crew members and passengers as the heroes of the hour. Made at the height of the Second World War, the tale of its creation rivals anything produced in Hollywood, with military personnel moved from the front to act as extras and the original director being sacked and thrown into jail - where he was mysteriously found hanged 24 hours later.