Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey

Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey

Series 1 - Episode 1



Kate Humble stands on a beach and marvels at the sight of the sun dipping below the horizon. “The hour of sunset has come,” she gasps. “All the light has leeched out of the sky.” We love Humble, but occasionally her wonder at everyday things threatens to swamp this incredibly informative doc, so don’t be put off.

It’s worth being addressed as if we’re five because the hard science Humble is fluffing up — about climate cells and the coriolis effect and gyres and the jet stream and trade winds and so on — is fascinating. It’s also lavishly illustrated, a combination of CGI and trips to far-flung, beautiful places. But Brian Cox has a lot to answer for.


Kate Humble and Dr Helen Czerski examine Earth's annual trip around the sun to show the effect it has on the planet, including its influence on the weather and the tides. The first episode covers the period from July to the winter solstice in December, with Helen leaping from an aeroplane and Kate briefly becoming the fastest driver in the world to demonstrate the consequences of the orbit on Earth's inhabitants.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kate Humble
Presenter Dr Helen Czerski
Director Dick Taylor
Executive Producer Jonathan Renouf
Producer Dick Taylor
Series Producer Stephen Marsh
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