Timothy Spall: All at Sea: God's Own Coast

Timothy Spall: All at Sea: God's Own Coast

Series 3



This episode gives us two moments of what passes for high drama. As the engine of his precious barge develops an odd noise outside Whitby, the comically anxious Tim is forced to summon the engineering cavalry. A dirty fuel filter is to blame.

Then marital waters grow choppy when Tim and wife Shane attempt a tricky mooring off Spurn Head, resulting in raised voices and a bout of cramp. But then, we don’t watch this buoyant docusoap for peril and cliffhangers but for its pootling geniality. In any case, you sense this lovely, unaffected couple never let the sun go down on a quarrel. And fans will be willing them on for the forthcoming emotional homecoming.


The Princess Matilda sails along the Yorkshire coast, as it continues to wind its way back to London. The Spalls explore Whitby's links to classic horror novel Dracula, and visit Scarborough at the height of the tourist season, before arriving at Spurn Head - where they are forced to moor their boat to a buoy as they wait for the weather conditions that will enable them to continue their journey south. They then brave turbulent conditions and heavy sea traffic before reaching Norfolk, and the picturesque port of Wells-next-the-Sea.

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