Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers

Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers

Series 3 - Episode 1



This is the perfect programme for spotting clichés (“delivering the goods that keep the nation running”) and the blindingly obvious (“I don’t want to hit anything!” Er, no, don’t suppose you do). To add to your guilty pleasure, the narration uses “iconic” more times than is decent and cranks up the faux peril to ridiculous heights — come on, they’re delivering goods, not performing brain surgery.

But that aside, there’s an entertaining insight into what it’s like to drive a lorry in congested London: Lee Dowling has the nightmare job of transporting the “iconic” lights of Piccadilly Circus across the capital.


Documentary series following the daily workings of the haulage company. A driver runs into problems when he tries to move a section of the Piccadilly Lights in London, while a red alert is issued when a new biomass trailer goes missing. The firm also organises its first-ever trucking festival, where fans can win a day out with driver Mark Dixon - only for a last-minute change of venue to jeopardise the event.

Cast & Crew

Director Naheim Abdullah
Director Matt Fisher
Director Steve Crowhurst
Executive Producer Lorna-Dawn Creanor
Producer Naheim Abdullah
Producer Matt Fisher
Producer Steve Crowhurst
Producer Mike Fox
Series Producer Tricia O’Leary
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