Make Bradford British

Make Bradford British

Series 1 - Episode 1



Eight Brits from Bradford who have all failed the UK Citizenship Test move in together to see whether they can live harmoniously and to work out what it means to be British. Inevitably, their attitudes and lifestyles are worlds apart (steel yourself for shockingly racist comments and strong language). There are tears and the occasional flash of insight, but this is a bit too Big Brother/Wife Swap to do more than scratch the surface of multicultural Britain.


Part one of two. Observational documentary exploring the issue of what it means to be British for Bradford residents who, despite sharing the same nationality, are all from different races and backgrounds. The experiment begins with a cross-section of citizens from the city taking a government test to demonstrate their knowledge of British culture. Eight people who fail the test, including pub landlady Audrey, taxi driver Mohammed and former magistrate Maura, are then placed in pairs and encouraged to swap lifestyles under the supervision of two experts in community relations.