The ever-game Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison travel to Cornwall where they seek out the bits that tourists rarely, if ever, get to see. Of course, that includes the tin mines; Baker heads underground for a history lesson and to hear plans to revive the once-flourishing industry that died out in the late 20th century.

Harrison, meanwhile, takes to the water to explore the wreckage of a naval frigate, now home to thriving colonies of marine wildlife. But it’s not all fun – farmer Adam Henson looks at a disease that could wreak havoc on this year’s lambing season.


Matt Baker heads underground in Cornwall to find out about the county's mining heritage, while elsewhere in the area, Ellie Harrison explores a marine habitat created from an old naval frigate. John Craven investigates how the nation's taste for chicken increases the risk of getting food poisoning and Adam Henson learns of a new disease that could have a devastating impact on the lambing season.