Upstairs Downstairs

The Love That Pays the Price

Series 2 - Episode 2 The Love That Pays the Price



A horribly patrician doctor gives dainty Lady Agnes a pitying look as he instructs her: “I don’t want to open you up again. No more babies.” She instantly becomes obsessionally devoted to her children, seizing the pram from the new nanny and belting home to 165 Eaton Place.

There, the kitchen is in turmoil. Mrs Thackeray (Anne Reid) is up to her neck in violet macaroons, a treat for her nephew and his family, and snotty Mr Pritchard (Adrian Scarborough) disapproves. But everyone has to pull together because Mr Joe Kennedy, the American Ambassador, is coming to dinner with his wife Rose and their son John (yes, that John Kennedy).

Everyone in Upstairs Downstairs is so unpleasant or just plain tiresome that even the repellent Joe doesn’t seem so bad. When he offers dreary Hallam a job in America, you hope that he will accept it and start packing.

But Hallam has things to do. Annoying Lady Persie finally grows weary of Nazi Germany when she is inconvenienced by Kristallnacht, and she wants to come home.


Lady Agnes distracts herself from her bad news by throwing a dinner party, where she catches the eye of charismatic American millionaire Casper Landry - and it is clear the attraction is mutual. But the festivities are interrupted by news of the Nazis going on the rampage in Germany, leaving many Jews dead and Lady Persie needing a safe passage home, forcing the family to pull together and do its best to help. Meanwhile, Mrs Thackeray has one too many arguments with Mr Pritchard, prompting her to make a momentous decision that throws the running of the house into chaos.

Cast & Crew

Lady Agnes Holland Keeley Hawes
Sir Hallam Holland Ed Stoppard
Dr Blanche Mottershead Alex Kingston
Mrs Clarice Thackeray Anne Reid
Lady Persephone Towyn Claire Foy
Mr Warwick Pritchard Adrian Scarborough
Mr Amanjit Singh Art Malik
Duke of Kent Blake Ritson
Harry Spargo Neil Jackson
Johnny Proude Nico Mirallegro
Beryl Ballard Laura Haddock
Eunice McCabe Ami Metcalf
Casper Landry Michael Landes
Director Marc Jobst
Producer Ann Tricklebank
Writer Heidi Thomas
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