Fugue in Red

Series 4 - Episode 10 Fugue in Red



Don’t despair of this series just yet. To silence the sceptics, it comes up with the best episode in a while, an unsettling story with the kind of dark undercurrents you thought had run dry. The actual crime-solving bit is neither here nor there: a fireman is killed on the night of a stag, sorry, bachelor party. The killer attacks Patrick Jane, tries to drown him and very nearly succeeds.

As a result, Jane is hospitalised and a clever psychological twist ensues — giving an uncomfortable (but at times very funny) insight on the shallow, selfish huckster that Jane used to be. For a show that seemed to have run out of twists, it’s a good one.


Jane is called to the scene of a fireman's death, but is knocked unconscious while searching for the murder weapon and almost drowns in a pond, which causes him to lose his memory and revert to his former con-artist self. Rigsby takes him under his wing, convinced the only way to get him firing on all cylinders again is to bring him back into the CBI fold. Crime drama, starring Simon Baker and Owain Yeoman.

Cast & Crew

Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Wayne Rigsby Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt Amanda Righetti
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Paul Satterfield Joshua Cox
Cynthia Satterfield Stacy Haiduk
Jeff Kirkman Doug Olear
Tom Wilcox Kenneth Mitchell
Kim Wilcox Kelly McNair
Director Randy Zisk
Executive Producer Bruno Heller
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