Series 3 - Episode 1



There’s a global financial slump going on, but you wouldn’t know it from the world’s art collectors, who still seem to have cash to splash on old masters (or Chinese ceramics, if you saw that eye-watering Culture Show special a few weeks ago).

So how much would you pay for a huge Francesco Guardi view of Venice that Sotheby’s have got their hands on? Even the auctioneer, Henry Wyndham, seems surprised as the sums rise… and rise. On a smaller scale, how many grand pianos can you fit in one room? They can get 120 into London’s Conway Hall every three months for a specialist sale. It’s a rarefied world, but a fascinating one.


The return of the programme examining intriguing and valuable pieces passing through the world's auction houses. More than 100 pianos go on sale at Conway Hall in central London and a view of Venice by 18th-century artist Francesco Guardi comes up for auction at Sotheby's.