Malcolm in the Middle

Forwards Backwards

Series 4 - Episode 5 Forwards Backwards



Malcolm is grounded on his birthday once again when his vengeful battle with Reese gets out of hand. Hal sets out to buy a comic for his son, but has an unfortunate run-in with two unhelpful shop assistants. Comedy, starring Bryan Cranston, Frankie Muniz and Justin Berfield.

Cast & Crew

Malcolm Wilkerson Frankie Muniz
Lois Wilkerson Jane Kaczmarek
Hal Wilkerson Bryan Cranston
Reese Wilkerson Justin Berfield
Francis Wilkerson Christopher Kennedy Masterson
Dewey Wilkerson Erik Per Sullivan
Craig Feldspar David Anthony Higgins
Director Levie Issacks
Writer Maggie Bandur
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