Watson & Oliver

Watson & Oliver

Series 1 - Episode 1



It would be so easy to shoot this sketch show by a couple of relatively unknown comedians, Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver, right out of the water. I could say that on the whole it’s pretty poor, with a few thin laughs in a clutch of woefully under-written sketches.
I could say that Watson & Oliver must have known it was in trouble when it gave a substantial guest spot here to John Barrowman playing a preening, narcissistic version of himself.

I could add that with a lot more work Watson and Oliver might find themselves a niche on television after a successful live-performance career. I could say all of these things. But I won’t.


Sketch show, written by and starring Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver, with guest John Barrowman. Skits include Candy and April the Playboy bunnies, Wills and Kate at bedtime, and Miss Steeps and Miss Rutherford - two insatiable Georgian ladies.