My Social Network Stalker

My Social Network Stalker

Monday 12am - 1am True Crime
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Sun 3 Dec, 12am - 1am True Crime


Student Ruth Jeffery was subjected to a three-year sustained and acutely distressing campaign of harassment; intimate pictures and later a video of her taken by her boyfriend turned up on adult websites and she was bombarded by unwanted online attention after her emails were hacked.

Ruth’s parents suspected that boyfriend Shane Webber was behind the abuse, something Ruth refused to believe after he swore on his uncle’s grave that he wasn’t involved. He was finally unmasked by her father.

This unsettling True Stories film follows Ruth and her family as they try to piece together their lives after Webber’s arrest. You will wonder at her naivety in continuing to pose naked for Webber after the harassment began. But, as her mum says, “She trusted him. Isn’t there trust in a relationship?”


Documentary following the story of Ruth Jeffery, who was subjected to more than three years of online abuse by her boyfriend Shane Webber. After being driven to the brink of suicide by a stalker who had posted naked images of her on adult websites, and distributed them to family and friends, Ruth was forced to deal with the shocking discovery that the perpetrator was the man who claimed to love her. Webber was sentenced to four months in prison in October 2011, and will be subject to a restraining order until 2016.

Cast & Crew

Director Luke Campbell
Executive Producer Sheldon Lazarus
Producer Luke Campbell