Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

Series 1 - Episode 6



A dishevelled Sister Monica Joan stares emptily from the foreshore, barefoot and clad only in her nightie. We know she’s been stealing and now she is clearly unwell, to the consternation of her friends at Nonnatus House.

As Heidi Thomas’s runaway hit drama ends (don’t fret, another series has been commissioned) there are seismic changes among the personnel. Chummy’s mummy comes to call, an overweening, imperious Crimplene-averse old bag who disapproves of her daughter’s choice of boyfriend, while Jenny gets more communication from that mysterious Man from Her Past.

Even if you think Call the Midwife is grimly picturesque hooey, it’s good to see so many actresses of a certain age and beyond giving their all. Like the magnificent Judy Parfitt as lost, rambling Sister Monica Joan. They don’t make ’em like that any more.


Sister Monica Joan develops pneumonia after being found mysteriously wandering near the docks - but things only gets worse when she is accused of theft and faces the prospect of prison. Chummy's mother arrives to meet PC Noakes, but when the visit is less than a success, the midwife suffers a crisis of confidence and breaks off her relationship - leaving Jenny and the others trying to persuade her she is making a terrible mistake. Judy Parfitt, Miranda Hart and Jessica Raine star.

Cast & Crew

Jenny Lee Jessica Raine
Sister Julienne Jenny Agutter
Sister Evangelina Pam Ferris
Chummy Browne Miranda Hart
Sister Monica Joan Judy Parfitt
Trixie Franklin Helen George
Cynthia Miller Bryony Hannah
Sister Bernadette Laura Main
Fred Cliff Parisi
Jimmy George Rainsford
Dr Turner Stephen McGann
PC Peter Noakes Ben Caplan
Cakey Crumb Jeff Innocent
Cathy Powell Tina O'Brien
Lady Fortescue-Browne Cheryl Campbell
Chairman Robin Browne
Mrs Leck Debra Baker
Mother Jesu Emanuel Kika Markham
Sergeant Parry John Vernon
Mr Briggs Graham Padden
Mrs Foster Elizabeth Webster
Voice of mature Jenny Vanessa Redgrave
Director Jamie Payne
Producer Hugh Warren
Writer Heidi Thomas
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