A Dad Is Born - A Wonderland Film

A Dad Is Born - A Wonderland Film

Series 4



Three men about to become fathers – going through the birth, then coping with the days after. It’s simple idea for a documentary and works beautifully in Kira Phillips’s gem of a film. The charm is partly in the characters: an angst-ridden recruitment consultant, a mega-rich trader and a mildly sexist Hungarian minicab driver. The latter’s comments make you gasp and laugh at the same time (“I used to have a feeling like every woman in the world is mine; I was just not able to use all of them”).

But it’s trading guru Greg Secker who provides the most jaw-dropping moments – cradling his laptop while driving. His Lamborghini expresses his values (Reg no: PRO5PER), but the birth of a son to his new girlfriend, even as he divorces his first wife, may just tweak his priorities.


Award-winning film-maker Kira Phillips' documentary follows the experiences of three men in the weeks before and after they become fathers. City HR worker Jamie tries to get ready for the big day by reading self-help guides, minicab driver Viktor is determined to put his womanising days behind him and become the perfect family man, while multi-millionaire trader Greg sees his girlfriend's pregnancy as a second chance to make up for past mistakes.

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Director Kira Phillips