Home of the Future

Home of the Future

Series 1 - Episode 1



The Perera family in Sheffield are thrust into the future in the first of a five-part series. They’re moved out of their home for six weeks while it’s transformed into a shiny, gizmo-driven fun palace.

But when they return, mum Michele bursts into noisy tears. “All of these white floors… I’m going to have a right job cleaning those.” Little does she know that there’s a dinky little machine waiting to do the job for her.

With its blizzard of up-to-and-even- beyond-the-minute gadgets, this feels like a huge commercial for bits of kit (it’s co-funded by a major energy supplier). It’s hard to get immersed in people exclaiming over pricey labour-saving devices.


In an experiment, the Pereras from Sheffield have their house renovated and re-engineered with the latest technology to give an idea of what homes could look like in decades to come. Guided by Chris Sanderson of the Future Laboratory, the family is shown everything from sleep-enabling gadgets and brainwave-controlled meditation games to thumb-print entry systems and robot lawnmowers.
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