Don't Tell the Bride: Valentine's Day

Don't Tell the Bride: Valentine's Day

Series 5



Each episode in this series follows a similar arc: a bossy, uptight woman frets anxiously as her feckless, unromantic fiancé runs wild planning their wedding; then come the big day her worst fears subside in the face of her love’s efforts, however mad they may be.
But this Valentine’s special features Irish lad Daryl who, though he has only remembered Valentine’s Day once in ten years, actually seems aware of what his girlfriend Clodagh wants out of a wedding. Whether that includes a groom dressed as a knight on a white horse and a reception in a community hall that costs £10 for the night is debatable, but there are enough small touches to melt the coldest of hearts.


Joiner Daryl hopes to give his fiancee Clodagh the wedding of her dreams on Valentine's Day after being together for 10 years. However, the groom is renowned for being laid-back and forgetful, having only remembered the romantic date once during their relationship, and the bride's controlling nature could make handing over the reins difficult.

Cast & Crew

Director Hayden King
Producer Hayden King
Series Producer Rebecca Bavatti