Desperate Housewives

Always in Control

Series 8 - Episode 7 Always in Control



“Our pact is to keep this thing a secret, not keep secrets from each other!” screams one Housewife because the cat is definitely out of the bag over their midnight burial of Alejandro. His corpse is missing and, after ruling out that he’s still alive (“What? He’s had a two-month dirt nap?” snaps Bree), the ladies cleverly work out that someone’s dug him up. But who? Unfortunately, Chuck is on the case. Cops know if you’re lying by your micro-expressions, he tells Bree. No worries then: she’s got one of the most immobile faces in Fairview.


Bree is shocked to learn who dug up Alejandro's body and Lynette's jealousy prompts her to lie to Penny about Jane. Gaby and Carlos try to convince Lee and Bob that they have got the wrong impression about Juanita and Celia, while Susan struggles to impress Andre - who still believes her artwork reveals nothing about her true self.