Law & Order: UK

Line Up

Series 6 - Episode 5 Line Up



Newcomers may not be aware of some essential back story that hangs over this episode like a stormcloud. Crown prosecutor Alesha (Freema Agyeman) was raped at the end of the first series, under strange and awful circumstances. Since then, any case involving rape causes her colleagues to shoot nervous glances at her, though she generally carries on regardless — as tonight, when she takes the lead against three teenage boys who had sex with a 14-year-old girl. They filmed it and circulated it on the net (the plot is best avoided if you’re of a delicate disposition). With evidence like that, a conviction seems a formality, but that’s reckoning without the ugliness of a rape trial.


A murder inquiry is launched when the police are alerted to shocking internet footage showing a teenage girl being attacked and shot. The investigation is hindered by the lack of a body, but the video provides enough clues to eventually put a name to the victim and track down her killers. However, a vow of silence between the defendants means Jake and Alesha face one of their toughest court battles yet.

Cast & Crew

Ronnie Brooks Bradley Walsh
Sam Casey Paul Nicholls
Natalie Chandler Harriet Walter
Jacob Thorne Dominic Rowan
Alesha Phillips Freema Agyeman
Henry Sharpe Peter Davison
Renay Everett Eva Pope
Gino Russo Dorian Lough
Anna Russo Jessica Lester
Danny Heywood Laurie Duncan
Justice Reynolds Philip Voss
Angela Jessica Gunning
Rita Russo Sara Stephens
Wendy Heywood Rachel Clarke
Wyatt Ressler Andrew Shire
Mrs Preston Katie Males
Christian Preston Ben Folly
Isaac Johnson Mark Springer
Jadie Georgia Henshaw
Reece Leighwood Reece Beaumont
Morgan Braithe Mark Straker
Tristan Forbes-Langton Will Ashcroft
Monique Jade Camille
Director MT Adler
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Andrew Woodhead
Executive Producer Stephen Garrett
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Emilia di Girolamo
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