Spartacus: Vengeance: Fugitivus

Spartacus: Vengeance: Fugitivus

Series 3



After two series of bloodshed and bonking, you’d have thought that all heads had been hacked and all breasts had been bared. But here we are again, back with the freed slaves who have fled following the collapse of the House of Batiatus. Within minutes, the faces of Roman soldiers are being ground against rocks, slow-mo orgy scenes are culminating in extreme violence and po-faced characters are delivering lines like “We must stand as one or fall divided”. OTT doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Sequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand, starring Liam McIntyre. Gladiator Spartacus faces a dilemma when he is forced to choose between taking revenge on the man who condemned his wife to death and making the sacrifices necessary to keep his band of freed slaves together. However, Glaber and his troops have been sent out with the objective of crushing Spartacus's army.

Cast & Crew

Spartacus Liam McIntyre
Lucretia Lucy Lawless
Crixus Manu Bennett
Oenomaus Peter Mensah
Gannicus Dustin Clare
Glaber Craig Parker
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