Mrs Brown's Boys

Mammy's Going

Series 2 - Episode 5 Mammy's Going



Agnes gets the wrong end of the stick and fears her relatives are planning to send her to a nursing home. Furious, she sets out to persuade them she is not going senile - unaware it is actually Spartacus the dog who is set to be sent away. Comedy, starring Brendan O'Carroll.

Cast & Crew

Agnes Brown Brendan O'Carroll
Winnie McGoogan Eilish O'Carroll
Cathy Brown Jennifer Gibney
Professor Clowne Mike Pyatt
Dermot Brown Paddy Houlihan
Rory Brown Rory Cowan
Betty Brown Amanda Woods
Mark Brown Pat `Pepsi' Shields
Maria Brown Fiona O'Carroll
Dino Doyle Gary Hollywood
Grandad Brown Dermot O'Neill
Buster Brady Danny O'Carroll
Director Ben Kellett
Producer Stephen McCrum
Writer Brendan O'Carroll
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