To Be, Act One

Series 4 - Episode 13 To Be, Act One



Part one of two. Jax shoots Opie in the hand to prevent him firing another bullet at Clay, and Tig goes in search of the Niners, who he believes are responsible for the gunfire. Meanwhile, concerns grow that Otto has been disloyal to the club ahead of a meeting with the Irish arms dealers.

Cast & Crew

Jackson `Jax' Teller Charlie Hunnam
Gemma Teller Morrow Katey Sagal
Bobby Munson Mark Boone Jr
Wayne Unser Dayton Callie
Alex `Tig' Trager Kim Coates
Filip `Chibs' Telford Tommy Flanagan
Harry `Opie' Winston Ryan Hurst
Laroy Tory Kittles
Juice Ortiz Theo Rossi
Tara Knowles Maggie Siff
Clarence `Clay' Morrow Ron Perlman
Eli Roosevelt Rockmond Dunbar
Romero Parada Danny Trejo
Director Kurt Sutter
Executive Producer John Linson
Executive Producer Art Linson
Executive Producer Kurt Sutter
Executive Producer Paris Barclay
Executive Producer Grace Whitehouse
Executive Producer James D Parriot
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