Scott & Bailey

Series 2 - Episode 5



Remember how Janet Scott was stabbed and almost died at the end of series one? In a curious twist, she settles down to interview her attacker, the deranged Geoff Hastings. Hastings is played by the brilliant Kevin Doyle (Molesley in Downton Abbey), who’s peerless at playing the craven and downtrodden.

Hastings has new information and will talk to no one but Janet (Lesley Sharp), which neatly gets over this unlikely scenario. Doyle and Sharp’s scenes are great: he trying, pathetically, to charm while she does her best to appear unafraid. The rest of the Major Incident Team, meanwhile, are investigating the possibly racist murder of an Asian cabbie.


Janet comes face to face with the man who left her fighting for life just months earlier - serial killer Geoff Hastings, who has vowed to finally reveal the full extent of his crimes. Rachel and the rest of the team investigate the racially motivated murder of a taxi driver. On the personal front, Andy refuses to take no for an answer, so Janet threatens to report him to the DCI. Crime drama, starring Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones, with an appearance by Kevin Doyle (Downton Abbey's Molesley).

Cast & Crew

DCS Dave Murray Vincent Regan
DCI Gill Murray Amelia Bullmore
DC Rachel Bailey Suranne Jones
DS Andy Roper Nicholas Gleaves
DC Janet Scott Lesley Sharp
Geoff Hastings Kevin Doyle
DC Lee Broadhurst Delroy Brown
Dr Martin Hines Tom Lloyd-Roberts
DC Ian Mitchell David Prosho
Mike Longhurst Mark Folan Deasy
DC Pete Readyough Tony Mooney
Yusuf's mother Nila Aalia
Amjad Madari Sushil Chudasama
Dominic Bailey Liam Boyle
DC Kevin Lumb Ben Batt
PC Sean McCartney Sean Maguire
Mrs Walcott Susan McArdle
Darren Walcott Jordan Murphy
Taisie Scott Harriet Waters
Dorothy Parsons Judith Barker
Elise Scott Olivia Rose Smith
Director Paul Walker
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Sally Wainwright
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