Series 1 - Episode 3



The penultimate episode focuses on servants and working-class types, though you’ll be thrown by the opening scenes of Winston Churchill blustering after the Siege of Sidney Street. There is a point to this, but you’ll have to wait a while.

Passengers have been aboard only briefly, yet it’s been long enough for some to forge liaisons. Like the demure Irish wife of the ship’s electrician, who has captured the heart of the swarthy fella who roams around in a big vest. Class loyalties are tested, and the newly betrothed say tender, wet goodbyes.


Italian stoker Mario blags a job on the Titanic for his brother Paolo, who is instantly smitten with cabin steward Annie, and as the ship sets sail he startles her with an impulsive gesture. Barnes is surprised to find Watson loitering in steerage, while Mary lets her guard down with Peter Lubov, much to the anger of husband Jim. But any arguments are set aside when the ship strikes the iceberg - and fear quickly builds for the third-class passengers as some of them are behind locked gates.

Cast & Crew

Hugh, Earl of Manton Linus Roache
Louisa, Countess of Manton Geraldine Somerville
Lady Georgiana Grex Perdita Weeks
Second officer Lightoller Steven Waddington
John Batley Toby Jones
Muriel Batley Maria Doyle Kennedy
Jim Maloney Peter McDonald
Mary Maloney Ruth Bradley
Paolo Sandrini Glen Blackhall
Annie Desmond Jenna-Louise Coleman
Barnes Lee Ross
Watson Lyndsey Marshal
Grace Rushton Celia Imrie
Joseph Rushton Peter Wight
Harry Widener Noah Reid
Thomas Andrews Stephen Campbell Moore
Bruce Ismay James Wilby
Peter Lubov Dragos Bucur
David Evans Mark Lewis Jones
First officer Murdoch Brian McCardie
Mario Sandrini Antonio Magro
Lady Duff Gordon Sylvestra Le Touzel
Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon Simon Paisley Day
Winston Churchill Colm Gormley
Scots Guards officer Jamie MacPhee
Fifth officer Lowe Ifan Meredith
Fourth officer Boxhall Cian Barry
Steward Hart Ralph Ineson
Theresa Maloney Georgia McCutcheon
Chief steward Lloyd Hutchinson
Loraine Allison Larina Meszaros
Seaman Royce Mike Kelly
Priest Szabolcs Thuroczy
John Jacob Astor Miles Richardson
Madeleine Astor Angela Eke
Eleanor Widener Diana Kent
George Widener Peter Koszegi
Billy Blake Shane Attwooll
Seaman Scott Iain McKee
Stoker Lyons Ben Bishop
Steward Turnbull John Kazek
Francatelli Grainne Keenan
Seaman Hawkins Tom Andrews
Sixth officer Moody Jonathan Howard
Man in corridor Alexis Latham
Boilerman Matt Devere
Gatti's waiter Istvan Koncz
Gatti's waiter Attila Bardoczy
Director Jon Jones
Executive Producer Simon Vaughan
Executive Producer Kate Bartlett
Executive Producer Howard Ellis
Executive Producer Adam Goodman
Executive Producer Jennifer Kawaja
Executive Producer Julia Sereny
Producer Nigel Stafford-Clark
Producer Chris Thompson
Writer Julian Fellowes
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