Sanjeev Bhaskar's Little Cracker

Series 2 - Episode 10 Sanjeev Bhaskar's Little Cracker



Sanjeev Bhaskar’s is a quirky Little Cracker. It is 1975, and Christmas begins joyfully for the 12-year-old Sanjeev with his dad marking up his copy of Radio Times so he doesn’t miss any current affairs. But terror rules the Bhaskar home when a mouse is discovered in the bathroom.

It takes the visiting Papaji, Sanjeev’s uncle and a man previously considered (with affection) to be both lazy and boring, to oust the rodent.


A mouse, a box of tissues and some secret ninja moves make for an eventful Christmas in the Bhaskar household - a welcome change for 12-year-old Sanjeev, who is bored of entertaining a seemingly endless number of relatives.