Rowing the Arctic

Rowing the Arctic


Cyclist Mark Beaumont’s physical endurance is impressive. He seems to have a penchant for hard work done sitting down, as he switches to rowing to join polar explorer Jock Wishart and four others on an expedition to the Magnetic North Pole.

This film, first shown in Scotland, charts the progress of the team through a tough, fabulously empty world where humans rarely venture. It’s got all the elements of a classic polar adventure, but what’s striking is the calm silence as the boat glides through an eerily quiet land- and waterscape.


Long-distance cyclist Mark Beaumont joins Jock Wishart on an expedition to row to the 1996 location of the North Magnetic Pole, a point only previously reached across solid ice. The adventurers make up part of a six-man team, navigating remote seaways and dealing with roaming polar bears as they journey into the Canadian High Arctic further than anyone has previously rowed - a feat only possible due to the dramatic retreat of sea ice in recent decades.