King of Christmas Lights

King of Christmas Lights


When it comes to Christmas decorations, sticking up a string of lights and a sprig of holly is about it for most of us. But, as this cheery Cutting Edge film shows, there are a few twinkly obsessives who spend months (and a heck of a lot of money) adorning their houses in festive bling.

Paul Toole’s bungalow in Somerset is an eye-poppingly bright winter wonderland with a holographic Santa conducting and the lights flashing in time to the music. Karl Beetson in Northamptonshire takes the art of computerised displays even further and has a band of cuddly animals performing Christmas songs sequenced to his lights — although it’s an uphill battle getting his reluctant dad to help. And in Bristol there are
light wars between competing neighbours.

These tacky mega-watt displays are spectacular, fun and raise a lot of money for charity — but you really wouldn’t want to live next door.


Cutting Edge delves into the world of extreme festive decorations, meeting people whose homes boast some of the most eye-catching and impressive Christmas-light displays in the UK. Paul Toole spends more than £5,000 on his hobby annually, and now wishes to decorate all the houses on his street. Northamptonshire computer whizz Karl Beetson is trying to use animatronics to create a spectacular display, while Bristol brothers and next-door neighbours Paul and Lee Brailsford face competition from a rival planning to upstage them.