Lost Christmas

Lost Christmas


Eddie Izzard stars in this modern fairy tale about an enigmatic man who wakes up on a Manchester street on Christmas Eve spouting obscure facts and acting strangely. He discovers he has the remarkable power to find the lost — whether it’s a bracelet or a loved one.

Central to the story is young lad Goose (Larry Mills) and through him we’re introduced to four people who are apparently unconnected, yet who have all been touched by tragedy or guilt and whose lives are intertwined.

Elements of A Christmas Carol permeate John Hay’s film, which, although initially disjointed, comes together to make a charming, feel-good family drama.


A man wakes up in a Manchester street with no idea where he is or what he is here to do. But he has a remarkable gift - the ability to visualise things that people have lost or had stolen, and over the course of Christmas Eve sets out to help five individuals still paying for the wrong decisions they made long ago. Children's drama, starring Eddie Izzard and Jason Flemyng.