Series 1 - Episode 8 Eddy



Series one of Olivier Marchal’s bruising cop drama bows out with explanations and revelations. Surly gangster Lemoine is finally arrested but has enough dirt on Eddy and his rule-bending colleagues to take them all down, too. 

Over eight episodes this thriller has repeatedly refreshed its no-way-out scenario with gusto, in a gripping tale of punishment and crime heightened by a grainy, vérité style. But here Braquo must tie up all its loose ends. Mustn’t it? Let’s just say series two can’t come soon enough.


Lemoine is finally arrested by Marceau, and demands an audience with Eddy, who he plans to blackmail into securing his release. It becomes clear the team has no choice but to let the gangster go, but the question remains what to do with him once he is free. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade.

Cast & Crew

Eddy Caplan Jean-Hugues Anglade
Serge Lemoine Alain Figlarz
Roxane Delgado Karole Rocher
Theo Vachewski Nicolas Duvauchelle
Walter Morlighem Joseph Malerba