Lorraine's Last Minute Christmas

Lorraine's Last Minute Christmas


The perpetually smiley Lorraine Pascale is always at pains to tell us just how easy her kitchen shortcuts are. At Christmas – when the gulf between domestic goddess and domestic slattern becomes mortifyingly obvious – there’s something very comforting about her kind of last-minute culinary rescue.

Spicy roast lamb and a perfect turkey are covered, but in the tradition of her first baking series, Lorraine’s best ideas seem to be sweet ones. If you missed stir-up Sunday, have a crack at her sparkling meringue-topped traybake. And since it’s too late to make jam to give as gifts, she has stained-glass-window cinnamon cookies, chocolate bark and mulled wine sachets up her effortlessly stylish sleeve.


Lorraine Pascale presents tips on hosting the perfect family get-together at short notice, with lots of recipe ideas that can be made in the final run-up to Christmas. She demonstrates a neat twist to the traditional mince pie and creates a velvety Irish liqueur to accompany them, cooks a spicy roast lamb as an alternative supper dish and enlivens the turkey with herbs and some special wintry ingredients. For last-minute gift ideas, Lorraine makes a hamper full of edible goodies, and still finds time to rustle up a Christmas cake - a traybake fruit sponge topped with meringue peaks.