Legends of British Comedy

Sid James

Series 1 - Episode 2 Sid James



The Carry On films may have their knockers (cue dirty laugh) but there’s no disputing the enduring appeal of Kenneth Williams and Sid James, their chalk-and-cheese leading men. These two profiles are hardly Arena standard, but have unearthed footage of the actors on set and sourced anecdotes from chums such as Barbara Windsor
and Bernard Cribbins.

It’s a clips-heavy show, so expect much nostril-flaring from Kenny as “Julie” Caesar, Dr Tinkle and the Khasi of Kalabar, and prune-faced Sid as the Rumpo Kid, Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond and Gladstone Screwer — with a tad less leering in snatches from Hancock’s Half Hour.


With extracts from his most popular on-screen moments, co-stars of Sid James pay tribute to the well-loved comic actor famous for his trademark laugh.