Winter Wipeout

Series 1 - Episode 1



TV’s splashiest water-splat game show has been transformed into a winter grotto with a whole new set of physical challenges. You may think it couldn’t get any worse, but now the spills are wetter, the falls are further and there are fiendish hazards to tip over even the most fantastic, gymnastic competitors. So prepare to witness some truly grotesque pratfalls.

First time round, you’ll find this a perfect comic caper, but the falls are funnier still in glorious slow-motion. At times, Richard Hammond almost sounds like he cares as another plucky contestant hurtles into the drink. His co-conspirator, Amanda Byram, is on hand to
hear the survivors’ tales.


Richard Hammond presents this chilly version of Total Wipeout, which sees the contestants wrapping up warm to tackle a snow-covered course with winter-themed obstacles and seasonal challenges. They must manoeuvre themselves past Granny's House, watching out for the angry dog nipping at their ankles and a front door guaranteed to smack them in the face. They then cling onto the ski lift to avoid plunging into the icy waters, before riding the conveyor belt that throws them on to those old Wipeout favourites, the big red balls - or, as they have now been christened, the big red baubles. Amanda Byram laughs herself silly at the side of the course.