MasterChef: The Professionals

MasterChef: The Professionals

Series 4 - Episode 24



This is it. The final three - Ash, Claire and Steve -  have endured six weeks of scrutiny. They’ve wilted under the hot glare of Monica Galetti, struggled with classic dishes little known outside the minds of Frenchmen, and smiled politely at the idea of Gregg diving in and giving their sauces a big kiss. 

The final week has taken them to the kitchens of chefs’ cult Catalonian favourite El Celler De Can Roca, where the crazy “emotional” dishes demand extraordinary technique, and placed them before a table of chefs with a combined Michelin star tally of 47. Unless they really mess it up, none of these three are likely to need their old jobs back.


The finalists face their last challenge as they prepare a three-course menu for Gregg Wallace and Michel Roux Jr. The judges assess the hopefuls' efforts before deciding who is the winner of the 2011 competition and succeeds past champions Derek Johnstone, Steve Groves and Claire Lara.

Cast & Crew

Series Director Clodagh Norriss
Series Producer Rachel Palin