A SuperScrimpers Christmas

Series 2 - Episode 8 A SuperScrimpers Christmas



The series that taught us how to construct austerity sandwiches for 25p now challenges us to cook a family’s Christmas dinner for £50. It might sound like a joyless sort of recession-beating challenge, but it should cast light on cunning ways to make ends meet — although hopefully where they meet won’t be in a stuffing made from gristle and kitchen roll.

The show’s philosophy is that presents don’t have to cost the earth and decorations don’t have to break the bank. Intriguingly, it also promises to reveal how Christmas booze is more fun if you make it yourself. Home-brew Baileys anyone?


Finance writer Mrs Moneypenny presents tips on having a frugal but fun festive holiday, including a masterclass in leftover turkey recipes, advice on claiming back money from energy companies, and a rundown of the best and worst of the high street when it comes to refund policies. A family that overspent last time around takes on the challenge of preparing a Christmas dinner for just £50. Plus, how gifts and decorations do not have to break the bank, and the joy of home-made booze.