American Horror Story: Murder House: Piggy, Piggy

American Horror Story: Murder House: Piggy, Piggy

Series 1



In the opening minutes of another kinetically thrilling episode, we see the high-school ghosts in the final minutes of their lives as they hide in the library from a remorselessly cruel gunman who’s roaming the corridors, murdering with cool deliberation.

At the haunted house, psychologist Ben is treating a new patient, Derek (played by Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet) who is terrified of urban legends, in particular the tale of the Pizza Man — say his name in the mirror and he will appear. Ben persuades Derek to face his paralysing fears. You can probably guess how it ends.


Ben treats a patient obsessed with a strange urban legend, and Constance consults a medium in the hope of dealing with the dangerous spirits haunting her. Meanwhile, Vivien begins a new diet, and Violet discovers the truth about Tate.

Cast & Crew

Ben Harmon Dylan McDermott
Vivien Harmon Connie Britton
Violet Harmon Taissa Farmiga
Tate Langdon Evan Peters