Tommy Cooper's Christmas

Tommy Cooper's Christmas


Ah, those were the days, when Christmas specials featured frilly-shirted Sacha Distel and Clodagh Rodgers in a hostess gown singing cheesy songs in front of skinny TV studio Christmas trees. In this 1973 special these musical interludes break up Tommy Cooper’s comedy business of pratfalls and carefully choreographed ineptitude, and some terrible sketches – one involving a game of billiards played with a golf club feels like it goes on for ten years.

But there’s a certain piquancy to all of this, as David Threlfall will shortly play Cooper in an ITV bio-drama. Cooper and his comedy have developed a patina of affectionate cool in the years since his death, so it’s the perfect chance to see why he endures.


A seasonal special from 1973, featuring a generous helping of mirth, mayhem and magic from the comedian, who demonstrates how to cook a duck-egg omelette, plays snooker with a sand wedge and rides an ostrich. Joining Tommy are singers Clodagh Rodgers and Sacha Distel, who perform a medley of festive favourites. Part of Slapstick Comedy Night.