Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise

Series 1 - Episode 7



Everyone in the Saint Marie police department is having fun at the comeback concert of a much- loved rock band. Everyone except DI Richard Poole (STILL in a suit and tie; someone, buy him a T-shirt). But even Poole’s interest is piqued when the band’s lead singer is found dead on stage in his voodoo-prop coffin, a gunshot wound to his head. There are suggestions of suicide, but he was not a popular man and soon Poole (Ben Miller) is unearthing enemies.

It’s a thin story to stretch across an hour and some of the acting is awful. A shame that Death in Paradise has run out of steam so quickly.


An outing to see Dwayne's favourite group is cut short by the murder of the lead singer, who was not exactly popular. He regularly annoyed his bandmates with his pre-performance relaxation routine, which involved lying in a coffin below stage for 15 minutes - prompting Richard and Camille to wonder whether it was enough for any of them to want him dead for real. Caribbean crime drama, guest starring Keith Duffy, Ray Fearon and Robbie Gee.

Cast & Crew

DI Richard Poole Ben Miller
Camille Bordey Sara Martins
Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
Fidel Best Gary Carr
Eddie Keith Duffy
Aidan Miles Adrian Dunbar
Curtis Ray Fearon
Renward Robbie Gee
Catherine Elizabeth Bourgine
Avita Sarita Choudhury
Solly Johann Myers
Michelle Bouchant Rebecca Scroggs
Neville David Sterne
Stall holder Ricky Tribord
Director Paul Harrison
Producer Matthew Bird
Writer Jack Lothian
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