Come Date with Me

Come Date with Me

Series 1 - Episode 1



This is exactly what you’d expect from the title – no more, no less. Yes, it’s the not-completely-unattractive love child of Come Dine with Me and Dinner Date. The idea is that a single girl (this week Tracey Lupton who describes herself as a small, gobby northerner) entertains five eligible bachelors to dinner. She gets rid of her least favourite bloke as soon as they’ve finished the puds (well at least he got a free meal out of the experience) and the remaining four suitors spend the rest of the week trying to impress her while she scores their attempts out of ten.

The concept gets a one out of ten for originality but it scores better for entertainment value mainly because the legendary Dave Lamb narrates and he is without peer when it comes to the one-line put-down. Is this one guilty pleasure too many? Or another to add to the list?


New series. A single woman hosts five eligible bachelors in the first of five dinner parties. Drama teacher Tracey Lupton will have to choose her winning date at the end of the week, but one of them will not make it to tomorrow, as she must ditch a diner before the end of the evening.
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