Andrea Bocelli: Central Park Concert

Andrea Bocelli: Central Park Concert


“Despite the weather conditions, all went well,” an understated Bocelli told RT, the day after his live NY concert was beset by a summer storm whipped up by Hurricane Maria. The 60,000-strong crowd may get a bit soggy, but the world’s top-selling tenor remains immaculate on a massive bowl stage, warbling through the likes of Nessum Dorma.

He is momentarily upstaged by Bryn Terfel and Tony Bennett, and by the time it gets to a wobbly duet with Céline Dion (on their 1999 single The Prayer) and Bocelli’s signature anthem Con te partiro, you’ll either be won over or ready to boil your own head.


The tenor's free concert from September 2011 in Central Park, New York, in front of an estimated 60,000 fans. Featuring performances of arias La Donna e Mobile and Nessun Dorma, along with an blend of Italian and American pop songs. He is joined on stage by Celine Dion to sing their 1999 single The Prayer and duets with Tony Bennett on New York, New York. Musical accompaniment is provided by the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Alan Gilbert.