Extreme Aggressor

Series 1 - Episode 1 Extreme Aggressor



Jason Gideon embarks on his first investigation with the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit since suffering a breakdown, as he and the team look into the disappearance of four Seattle women in as many months. The agents find a likely suspect, but realise he has an accomplice. First episode of the crime drama, starring Mandy Patinkin.

Cast & Crew

Richard Slessman DJ Qualls
Jason Gideon Mandy Patinkin
Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner Thomas Gibson
Derek Morgan Shemar Moore
Elle Greenaway Lola Glaudini
Dr Spencer Reid Matthew Gray Gubler
Tim Vogel Andrew Jackson
Haley Hotchner Meredith Monroe
Director Charles Haid
Executive Producer Mark Gordon
Writer Jeff Davis
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